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14 Shtator 2012 - 17:21
Pacolli: Haraqija asked me to give him €3.6 million
• Pacolli: Haraqija asked me to give him €3.6 million (dailies)
• Haraqija: Pacolli is lying, I will ask for €8 million compensation (dailies)
• Ejupi: Ahmet Shala mediated for my inclusion in Grand Hotel (Koha Ditore, front page)
• One month detention for Sami Hamiti and the two businessmen (dailies)
• Government without a plan to act in the north (Koha Ditore, page 3)
• PDK and AAK in one line about the president (Koha Ditore, front page)
• Belgrade and Pristina were close to agreement on telephone code (Koha Ditore, front page)
• Germany again, seven conditions for Serbia (Epoka e Re, front page)
• Hyseni: Good chance for the north and recognitions (Epoka e Re, front page)
• Trade unions to block PTK and KEK (Express, page 10)
• Serbia’s war crimes prosecution: Witness received death threats (Zëri, page 8)
• Naser Kelmendi in Peja? (Express – front page)

Kosovo Media Highlights

Pacolli: Haraqija asked me to give him €3.6 million (dailies)
Kosovo’s Deputy Prime Minister Behgjet Pacolli confirmed that Astrit Haraqija asked him to give him €3.6 million to help him with the issue of Grand Hotel. Pacolli however tried to excuse MPs Ukë Rugova and Naser Osmani and businessman Gazmend Abrashi from the affair.

“Astrit Haraqija asked for €3.6 million to solve the problem of Grand Hotel. I told him that I am deputy prime minister of Kosovo and that I don’t want to deal with such problems and that I am not the right person, this is not the right place to discuss the issue,” Pacolli said in a statement for the media. “Let me also explain that at the moment that I told investigators that when Astrit Haraqija asked for the money, Ukë Rugova was not in the room”.

Pacolli also said that MP Naser Osmani did not ask him for any money and that businessman Gazmend Abrashi only provided professional assistance in preparing documents.

Pacolli was especially critical of the police and prosecution accusing them of not functioning properly and for revealing classified information.

Haraqija: Pacolli is lying, I will ask for a €8 million compensation (dailies)
In a statement for the media, Astrit Haraqija said he would file a lawsuit against Behgjet Pacolli and that he will ask a compensation of €8 million. “This is a small amount for me and I am consulting my attorneys in Gjakova and Berlin to file a lawsuit asking for €8 million. And whenever that old man – who buys chairs and computers for the President of Mali, but he cannot buy me off with chairs and computers – wants to we can face off in a public debate, including the fraudster Remzi [Ejupi], I can face them whenever they want to. Tell them not to lower my price,” Haraqija was quoted as saying.

Ejupi: Ahmet Shala mediated for my inclusion in Grand Hotel (Koha Ditore)
In his testimony to the police, Kosovo prominent businessman Remzi Ejupi alleged that former head of Kosovo Trust Agency and newly-appointed ambassador to Japan Ahmet Shala was also involved in the affair regarding privatisation of Grand Hotel in Pristina. According to Ejupi, his bid for privatizing the hotel was the fourth but after the top bidder, Gazmend Abrashi, withdrew from competition, Shala offered Ejupi to become shareholder in the hotel.

“After Gazmend Abrashi withdrew, I was contacted by then director of KTA Ahmet Shala who suggested I become part of the privatisation process although I was the fourth in the list of bidders. The proposal was to become co-shareholder with Zylqef Berisha as the winner had no financial possibility to cover for the offered price. Negotiations between me, Zylqef’s group and that of Zekë Çeku were mediated by Ahmet Shala,” Ejupi told the police.

The paper says it was unable to contact Shala for comment but the successor to KTA, Privatisation Agency of Kosovo said it has not come across any official documents supporting allegations that Shala asked Ejupi to get involved in the privatisation of Grand Hotel.

One month detention for Sami Hamiti and the two businessmen (dailies)
Dailies report that the judge of the penal procedure has decided in favor of the EULEX prosecutor who requested detention for the speaker of Pristina Assembly Sami Hamiti, and the two businessmen, Agim Ademi and Muharrem Rama, because, according to him, if they were let free, they could leave Kosovo, endanger the life of the accuser or have impact on the respective case.

The defense has objected this decision and announced that it will appeal within 24 hours. According to Sami Hamiti’s lawyer, Tomë Gashi, the fact that Hamiti has been involved in this process, without any fact that he has committed a penal act, shows that politics is involved.

Government without a plan to act in the north (Koha Ditore)
The paper writes that the Kosovo Government has no intention of acting alone in stretching its authority in the north of the country although its supervised independence is over.

Interior Minister Bajram Rexhepi said that any action in the north will be undertaken in coordination with KFOR and EULEX. “We have said that we, KFOR and EULEX will be more active in the north by ensuring a peaceful environment, free movement and rule of law enforcement,” said Rexhepi. He insisted that this is not related to a certain timeframe and also reiterated that Kosovo institutions will not make any unilateral moves. “In the security aspect we still need KFOR and technical mission of EULEX,” added Rexhepi.

He also said he hoped the west would step up its pressure on Belgrade to dissolve parallel structures and make way for local elections that will be organized by Kosovo institutions.

PDK and AAK in one line about the president (Koha Ditore)
Koha Ditore reports that PDK has decided that constitutional amendments which are connected with the competencies and the way how the president is elected will be put for voting at the Assembly even though it does not have the support of the second-largest party, LDK.

Entry into force of constitutional amendments is aimed to be pushed by PDK through a broad spectrum agreement. LDK has rejected the possibility of being included in such an arrangement but AAK has expressed a favourable stance to the idea. PDK has 59 MPs from the coalition and it counts on 12 more from AAK as well as most of 10 MPs who do not belong to any parliamentary group. The changes can go through if all of these MPs are present in the assembly session at the moment of the voting.

Belgrade and Pristina were close to agreement on telephone code (Koha Ditore) Diplomatic sources in the EU have told Koha Ditore that Pristina and Belgrade were almost ready to reach agreement about telecom according to which Kosovo would have its international telephone code but one telephone operator from Serbia would still continue to operate in the territory of Kosovo. It is reported that Kosovo was ready to accept this agreement but it was refused for political reasons by the former president of Serbia, Boris Tadic. “If the dialogue continues or if it is raised to another high political level, the agreement for telecommunication is ready”, said to the newspaper one EU high official.

Germany again, seven conditions for Serbia (Epoka e Re)
Epoka e Re reports that the conditions of the German Parliament for the start of the discussions for the membership of Serbia in European Union, do not concern only Kosovo. Prior to the decision of the German Bundestag, Serbia should shed light to the attack on the German Embassy in Belgrade, but also have a clear position regarding the crimes, such as the case of Srebrenica, reported Belgrade daily Blic.

The first condition is: Prior to the moment of the decision to start the discussions, Serbia has to fulfill the 96 points of the Action Plan harmonized in 2011 with the European Commission. The second, enlightening of the attack on the German Embassy in Belgrade, in February 2008. The third, Belgrade’s clear position regarding the crimes, such as the case of Srebrenica. The forth, complete implementation of the agreements reached with Kosovo. The fifth condition for the start of the discussions concerns the parallel structures in the north of Kosovo, respectively their disintegration. The sixth, Belgrade should continuously use its impact on the Serbs in the north of Kosovo to actively cooperate with EULEX and KFOR. And the seventh condition reads that prior to the discussions for membership, Serbia should show a concrete will that it is ready to normalize relations with Kosovo.

Hyseni: Good chance for the north and recognitions (Epoka e Re)
Epoka e Re reports that former Kosovo Minister of Foreign Affairs, Skender Hyseni, has called on representatives of institutions to use this historic moment of the end of supervised independence and to show the world that Kosovo is an independent state, mature and ready to take responsibilities also at the international level. “ISG has ended supervision of Kosovo as independent state, with the conclusion that Kosovo now on is fully functional as a state in all the fields. This is an international conclusion, which cannot be seen indifferently from any country in the world”, said Hyseni.

Trade unions to block PTK and KEK (Express)
Over twenty trade union organizations have gathered so far 50,000 signatures from citizens for their petition against privatisation of Kosovo Post and Telecom (PTK) and Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK). Organisations, led by the Independent Trade Union of Kosovo (BSPK), will submit to the Assembly their demands. At the same time, PTK and KEK Distribution employees will protest for half an hour on Friday with same demands.

Head of BSPK Haxhi Arifi said in a press conference that by Wednesday, the petition was signed by 50,000 citizens and will stay open for more signatures until Sunday. The petition will then be forwarded to the President, Prime Minister, Assembly and US Embassy. Arifi said the trade unions are not opposing privatisation process as such but the way in which it is being carried out.

Serbia’s war crimes prosecution: Witness received death threats (Zëri)
Serb war crime prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic told media in Belgrade that the Albanian witness who testified about KLA extracting organs from kidnapped Serbs has received death threats. Vukcevic however did not specify how these threats reached the witness whose identity is protected.

Naser Kelmendi in Peja? (Express)
Express reports on the front page that Naser Kelmendi, head of one of the most powerful mafia families in the Balkans, is believed to be hiding in Kosovo. Unidentified sources from a foreign intelligence agency told the paper that Kelmendi was seen in the city of Peja on Wednesday.

“We are in touch with Kosovar authorities and we are trying to neutralize him,” an intelligence officer, who preferred to remain anonymous, told the paper on Thursday.

Other sources said there is no arrest warrant for Kelmendi in Kosovo and that police authorities are preparing to regulate the legal basis for his capture.

The paper also notes that Kelmendi is on the black list of US President Barack Obama and is being sought after by Bosniak and Montenegrin police for several months now.

Kosovo Press Headlines

Koha Ditore

Front page
• PDK and AAK on the same line for the president
• Belgrade and Pristina were close to agreement on telephone code
• LDK does not mention to PDK how many of its mayors are under investigation
• Pacolli: Haraqija asked me to give him €3.6 million
• Ejupi: Ahmet Shala mediated my involvement in Grand

Other headlines
• Government without a plan to act in the north (3)
• Pacolli’s full interview to the police (5)
• EU welcomes Government’s pledge to shut down Kosova A power plant (5)


Front page
• Ashton to get Thaçi and Nikolic together
• Pacolli: Only Haraqija asked for money
• Ministry of Health ignores experts
• Hamiti, 30 days in detention

Other headlines
• Germany’s seven conditions for Serbia to join EU (2)
• Hoxhaj: Next challenge – the EU (2)
• Kostunica: Dacic’s government will recognize Kosovo (2)
• Rexhepi visits Bulgaria (2)
• Clash between PDK and LDK over Hamiti’s arrest (3)
• Indictment against five Serbs and one Roma confirmed (4)
• Schulz: I said it how it is (4)

Kosova Sot

Front page
• Pacolli: Haraqija asked for €3.6 million
• Editorial: Something is brewing
• Beqaj: Private sector should be the key potential for development
• 30 days in detention for Sami Hamiti and two businessmen
• Germany has seven conditions for Serbia

Other headlines
• Visas, when you meet the requirements (2)
• Scandal with protocol, MFA is blamed (3)
• EP: EULEX to fight corruption (3)
• Kostunica: Kosovo’s recognition is inevitable (3)
• Sparkes: Serbia to withdraw from northern Kosovo (4)
• Europeans are slowing down Kosovo’s progress toward EU (4)

Epoka e Re

Front page
• Hyseni: A god chance for the north and recognitions
• Hoxhaj: Our fate is in our hands
• Germany again, seven conditions chase Serbia
• EULEX should act in the north

Other headlines
• Kostunica: Recognition of Kosovo, unavoidable (2)
• Schulz: I said things as they are (3)
• Pribicevic: Serbia should decide between the EU and Kosovo (3)
• Pacolli: Haraqia requested from me 3.6 million euros (6)
• Bukoshi’s immunity is not valid (6)
• Buzhala teases with LDK regarding Sami Hamiti (7)


Front page
• LDK is silent about Hamiti
• Haraqija want 8 million euro’s indemnity from Pacolli and Ejupi
• Kelmendi in Peja?

Other headlines
• Serwer: My Kosovo, past and the future (3)
• Schulz does not change its words (4)
• The Government of Dacic will recognize Kosovo (5)
• Seven conditions of Berlin (5)
• Krasniqi advises EULEX (6)
• Atifete show up (6)
• Everything is reciprocal (6)
• EU requests the closure of power plant Kosova A (10)

Bota Sot

Front page
• Pacolli: Yes, they asked €3 million from me for Grand Hotel
• Seven conditions of Germany for Serbia
• Beqiri to Buzhala: Man, mind your own business and don’t deal with LDK!
• Hamiti and the rest, 30 days detention

Other headlines
• Schultz: Statement on Serbia based on reality (3)
• Krasniqi: EULEX committing violations in Limaj’s case (3)
• EULEX to act in the whole of Kosovo (4)
• Kosovo youth, the most isolated in Europe (7)
• Kosovo, hotbed for money laundering (8)
• 50,000 signatures against privatisation of PTK, KEK and Trepça (9)

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