Invitation for Expression of Interest

Reference: Invitation to tender 21-0501: Purchase of Headquarters Building


The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) invites the expression of interest for participation to an open tender for the purchase of an office building for its headquarters, located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The size of this building should be not smaller than 4,500 square meters above ground, while the building should be located inside the seaside area of Thessaloniki that is delineated by the following streets: from the Concert Hall up to 25 March, Vassilisis Olgas, Vassileos Georgiou, Angelaki, Egnatia, 26 October (down to Karatasou Street), Karatasou, the Port Authority area next to Karatasou Street, Navarhou Kountouriotou, Nikis, 30 October, Megalou Alexandrou, Maria Kallas up to 25 March (Concert Hall).


Prospective tenderers are invited to send their expression of interest to the BSTDB by e-mailing the below form/text (Prospective Tenderer’s Information Sheet), exactly reproduced and completed, to the email address [email protected], in order to receive the tender documentation. Only persons/entities that provide an option for a building within the parameters in the previous paragraph will receive the tender documentation and be permitted to participate in the tender.

The minimum required size and specific location of this building, as well as instructions to prospective tenderers on how to express their interest to the BSTDB, are outlined in

The deadline for submission of this expression of interest is 18 August 2021, while the deadline for submission of the subsequent tenders is 13 September 2021, at 17:00 hrs., Thessaloniki time.


Kostis Zevgaridis

Director, Administrative Services, BSTDB

email: [email protected]


Prospective Tenderer’s Information Sheet

Invitation for Tender No. 21-0501


1. Exact address and ownership of the property that is projected to be used for the provision of Headquarters for the BSTDB.


2. Name or company name of the prospective tenderer.


3. Name, telephone number and email address of contact person.


We are interested to consider our participation in the BSTDB call for tenders 21-0501.