The failure called EULEX

The failure called EULEX
• The failure called EULEX (Express)
• Vetëvendosje: EULEX to withdraw, government to resign (dailies)
• MUP arrests Serb in north, KFOR and EULEX without information (dailies)
• Knaus: Kosovo must wait 14 years to join EU (Koha Ditore)
• Serwer: Serbia decade away from EU (Zëri)

Kosovo Media Highlights

The failure called EULEX (Express)
A day after the publication of the European Court of Auditors’ report for EULEX’s lack of results in Kosovo, EULEX reacted by challenging certain points of the report. “The rule of law in Kosovo is a joint effort initiated by EULEX and the Commission in a difficult environment and we continue to make efforts to improve the rule of law in Kosovo,” stated a press release issued by the public information officers for Radio Free Europe, “Many vital, executive engagements of EULEX during the period 2007-2011, are not included in the report. In addition, the mission in Kosovo has already addressed many recommendations of the court. From the time this report was written, Kosovo institutions improved their performance, while the mandate of the EULEX mission, with prior reconfiguration, has been extended.”

Vetëvendosje: EULEX to withdraw, government to resign (dailies)
Koha Ditore reports that the Vetëvendosje Movement on Wednesday has called for the withdrawal of the EU Rule-of-Law Mission (EULEX) and for the resignation of the Thaçi-led Government of Kosovo. Vetëvendosje’s request came one day after the European Court of Auditors gave “EULEX a cold shower,” highlighting its lack of results in the rule of law area.

Vetëvendosje chairmanship member, Puhie Demaku, told reporters there is no reason for EULEX to remain in Kosovo after the report by the European Court of Auditors. “This report of 71 pages. In every democratic government there should be an invitation or argument for resignation and for any mission, whose aim is to achieve success, this should represent a ticket to return home because it concludes so many failures and manipulation of European tax payers in a country that does not seek to achieve progress,” Demaku said.

MUP arrests Serb in north, KFOR and EULEX without information (dailies)
Several dailies featured front-page reports that Slavoljub Jovic, “Bridge guards” leader in northern Mitrovica, appeared in court in Kraljevo, Serbia, on Wednesday. He is being charged with organizing an attack with the aim of killing KFOR soldiers in June 2012 near the Rudare Bridge. The Prosecution of Serbia in Kraljevo issued a press communiqué stating that it has called for the start of investigations against Jovic.

Jovic was arrested yesterday in Kosovo, although not by Kosovo Police, EULEX or KFOR. Sources told Koha Ditore that Jovic was caught by Serbian Gendarmerie on Wednesday at 09:00 hrs in Mitrovica hospital in the north. Sources said a bag was put on Jovic’s head and he was forcefully placed inside a black vehicle. Over 20 members of the Serbian Gendarmerie, including five black vehicles and an ambulance, were involved in the operation.

Kosovo Police spokesman Besim Hoti said Jovic was kidnapped, adding that Kosovo Police does not know who was behind it. KFOR officials also said they don’t have any information about the matter.

Some dailies note that the involvement of the Serbian Gendarmerie in Kosovo constitutes a violation of territorial integrity, but the government in Pristina did not react. EULEX’s spokesperson did not comment on the entrance of Serbian authorities inside Kosovo’s territory.

Knaus: Kosovo must wait 14 years to join EU (Koha Ditore – page 6)
During yesterday’s conference in Pristina on the role of parliaments in monitoring and promoting children’s rights, UNICEF senior policy advisor Venera Knaus stated that what Kosovo has endured until now was only a “warm-up” for the future processes towards EU membership, for which Kosovo has to wait another 14 years.

“The Stabilization/Association Agreement is the first difficult step for Kosovo toward membership in the European Union. This will be followed by other more difficult processes,” Knaus said. “The EU will address many questions related to legislation, implementation, and many other issues to you. You will need an additional 13-14 years for this.”

Serwer: Serbia decade away from EU (Zëri – page 2)
Balkans analyst Daniel Serwer stated that the issue of Serbia’s recognition of Kosovo will not be on the agenda for a while and “therefore, I am not surprised why officials are not insisting on this”.

In an interview for Radio Free Europe, Serwer said many European Union member states made it clear that Serbia will not gain full membership without fully normalizing relations with Kosovo. “Serbia’s membership in the European Union is maybe a decade if not more away; that’s why I think it’s too early to worry about that.”

Serwer welcomed US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s message that there won’t be any border changes in Europe.

Kosovo Press Headlines

Koha Ditore

Front page
• Clinton and Ashton: There is no division – dialogue also the for the north
• Motorway to Skopje does not start prior to selling of PTK
• MUP arrests a Serb in the north, KFOR and EULEX do not have information
• Anti-corruption, under Pacolli’s threat and pressure

Other headlines
• Concluded reforms cost approximately 50 thousand euros (page 4)
• VV requests EULEX’s withdrawal, resignation of Government (page 5)
• Knaus: Kosovo needs 14 years to join EU (page 6)
• Kosovo, with six time less hospitals compare to European states (page 6)
• “Çelik-Limak” might gain millions from collection of old debts (page 7)


Front page
• €1.4 million disappear at Ministry of Internal Affairs
• VV: EULEX, a failed mission
• Serwer: Serbia far from EU for a decade
• Gendarmerie arrested Jovic in the middle of Mitrovica
• Clinton guarantees regarding the borders

Other headlines
• Editorial: Unification and division of Serbia (page 2)
• Politicians should not divide on 28 November (page 2)
• Next Thaçi-Dacic meeting, on 7 November (page 2)
• Krasniqi requested from GB to help on new recognitions (page 2)
• Court blocks selling of 18 enterprises (page 7)
• Serbia discusses platform for Kosovo (page 8)

Kosova Sot

Front page
• It is personal
• Editorial: Guarantee or new concessions
• Law on deputies, according to Croatian and Slovenian model
• Moldavia, Belorussia and Kosovo the poorest
• Serbian gendarmerie arrests the leader of “Bridge Watchers” in the north

Other headlines
• Government luxury induces motion at the Assembly (page 2)
• Guarantees for the borders, important (page 2)
• Lunacek: You should not judge only EULEX (page 4)
• VV: EULEX failed, violators of law were not hit (page 4)
• Next Thaçi-Dacic meeting on 7 November (page 4)
• Justice chiefs, numb (page 5)
• Government of asphalt (page 6)

Epoka e Re

Front page
• Powerful messages from powerful woman

Other headlines
• Krasniqi requests from Britain help for recognitions (page 2)
• Serb platform for Kosovo, next week (page 2)
• Snake in the door of Europe (page 3)
• Clinton, Ashton met with political party heads, ignored Vetëvendosje (page 5)
• Vetëvendosje: EULEX failed mission (page 6)
• Lunacek: failures in judiciary, not only EULEX to be blamed (page 6)
• Today Thaçi informs the Assembly about the meeting with Dacic (page 7)
• On 7 November Thaçi and Tadic to meet again (page 7)


Front page

• Rexha head of KPA board
• They encourage them

Other headlines
• Krasniqi requested British help (page 4)
• Platform next week (page 5)
• Server: Expected massages (page 5)
• Failure EULEX (page 6)
• Protest for Vulic (page 8)
• The leader of “bridge watchers” kidnapped (page 9)

Bota Sot

Front page
• Arrested the boss of “bridge watchers”, Slavoljub Jovic
• EULEX failed mission, is playing political game in the north
• Kosovo starts officially negotiations with Albania for the prefix +355

Other headlines
• Serwer: Serbia far away from EU for a decade (page 2)
• Judicial reform in Kosovo through good relationship with media (page 3)
• They don’t meet with Vetëvendosje (page 4)
• Lunacek: Not only EULEX should be judged (page 4)
• EULEX does not agree with the report (page 6)
• Serbia discusses platform for Kosovo (page 7)
• Krasniqi requests to be made pressure to Serbia (page 7)
• Xhavit Haliti: There are no voices for division of PDK (page 10)
• Silence of yesterday’s crimes, stimulates crimes of present, future (page 12)

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