Cliff: No alternative except talks

Cliff: No alternative except talks
• Cliff: No alternative except talks (Koha Ditore)
• Jahjaga: No imposing (Express)
• ‘Two Germanys’ model will not ‘fit’ Kosovo (Zëri)
• Hyseni: Reciprocity recognition will happen (Epoka e Re)
• Gërxhaliu: More economic issues discussed with Serbia (Koha Ditore)
• Kosovo, Montenegro start border work (Koha Ditore)
• Olofsson: Government change reporting (Koha Ditore)
• Do not interfere (Express)
• Firefighters continue strike (Zëri)

Kosovo Media Highlights

Cliff: No alternative except talks (Koha Ditore – page 5)
UK Ambassador in Kosovo, Ian Cliff, stated that there is no other alternative except for talks between Kosovo and Serbia. During the Gërmia Hill conference held on Thursday, Cliff emphasized that talks are very important, for the Albanians and Serbs in northern Kosovo. “We will continue to support the political and technical dialogue,” said Cliff. “Dialogue is essential and important for Kosovo to normalize relations with its northern neighbour, Serbia”.

During the conference Thursday, former Foreign Minister of France, Bernard Kouchner, was invited and said that Serbia will not be integrated in the EU without holding meaningful talks with Kosovo. “Serbia will not enter in the EU without negotiating with you. This has been made clear also from the EU [and] repeated by from the U.S. Secretary of State during her last visit to Kosovo,” said first former Special Representative of UNMIK, Kouchner. “Please take into consideration these necessary proposals and you should offer a perspective; this depends on you.” Kouchner stressed that Kosovo should help the northern Serbs to convince the EU that Kosovo is making progress.

Jahjaga: No imposing (Express – page 5)
Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga responded to allegations by Vetëvendosje leader Albin Kurti by saying that times when political views were imposed by violence is long gone. “Only by being free and equal we can walk together,” she said in a speech at the Gërmia Hill international conference. Though she did not specifically mention Vetëvendosje, Jahjaga spoke against Kurti’s initiatives to protest the dialogue with Serbia.

‘Two Germanys’ model will not ‘fit’ Kosovo (Zëri – front page)
German Ambassador to Kosovo Peter Blomeyer said that the ‘two Germanys’ model won’t resolve the problems between Kosovo and Serbia. “I think offering a historic model to the Kosovo-Serbia issue would have limited values. The case of Kosovo and Serbia is unique and therefore requires a unique model,” said Blomeyer. He added, however, that certain aspects could be borrowed from other models, rather than apply them entirely.

Hyseni: Reciprocity recognition will happen (Epoka e Re – front page)
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Skender Hyseni stated that following the end of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process a peace treaty will be signed where cooperation and normalization of relations will be recognized between two independent and sovereign states.

Gërxhaliu: More economic issues discussed with Serbia (Koha Ditore – page 4)
Head of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce Safet Gërxhaliu said the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue should focus on important economic issues in the business community. Gërxhaliu stressed that political issues should not dominate the talks. “The economy should be a top priority because only through economy and advancement of these processes, can distance be minimized and interests can get closer,” he said. He noted that through discussion of economic issues, contributions will be made to find a solution to end smuggling in the north.

Kosovo, Montenegro start border work (Koha Ditore – page 6)
The Montenegrin Ministry of Interior Affairs held the first meeting Wednesday to clarify the borders of Montenegro and Kosovo in Podgorica. for the demarcation and defining of state border. According to sources inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “the first meeting between the Montenegrin (Head of Commission Millan Paunoviq) and Kosovar Commission (Head Murat Meha) was held to finalize the plan of activities for demarking and defining the state border, and prepare for the international agreement for the state border.” The meeting was confirmed by the spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Artan Behrami.

Olofsson: Government change reporting (Koha Ditore – page 3)
Head of the General Auditor’s Office, Lars Lage Olofsson, told the Kosovo Government that it should change the way it reports to the institution. When presenting the 2011 annual report before the Kosovo Assembly, Olofsson said that he noted problems during the auditing process, which are caused by how the ‘ministerial lines’ and agencies are managed.

Do not interfere (Express – front page)
In yesterday’s Assembly session, Vetëvendosje MP Liburn Aliu accused public broadcaster RTK for promoting the PDK. According to Aliu, RTK ran ads throughout the week announcing an interview with the former SHIK head Kadri Veseli that would only air a week later.

Meanwhile, the head of the board for RTK, Rrahman Paçarrizi, said that he didn’t feel the need to react on Vetëvendosje’s allegations but said he has a message for all political parties, which is to keep away from RTK’s editorial policies.

Firefighters continue strike (Zëri – page 9)
Pristina municipality firefighters continue striking. Yesterday, they protested in front of the municipal building demanding that work conditions improve and over-time work be paid. Although Mayor Isa Mustafa promised that their overtime will be paid, the firefighters pledged to continue their strike.

Kosovo Press Headlines

Koha Ditore

Front page
• Opposition clashes about the dialogue
• Interior Ministry misses the right address to pay for passports
• Draft budget for 2013 preempts PTK’s price
• LDK: Budget oriented in PDK-run municipalities
• “Kleçka” case to be reviewed at Supreme Court on 20 Nov

Other headlines
• Oloffson: Government to change the manner of reporting (3)
• Vetëvendosje seeks accountability from RTK (3)
• Gërxhaliu: More economic issues to be discussed with Serbia (4)
• Cliff: No other alternative but talks (5)
• Kosovo and Montenegro begin work on border demarcation (6)


Front page
• Transparency of talks demanded!
• Vetëvendosje: Autonomy, a done deal!
• Model of two Germanys not ‘fit’ for Kosovo
• “Gërmia Hill” in support of talks
• Pantic ‘schooled’ by Kosovo Government

Other headlines
• There are extremist elements in Kosovo Albanians (2)
• Hoxhaj thanks Turkey for support (2)
• Access to justice for all (2)
• Serbia has no government in Kosovo but neither does Kosovo in the north (4)
• Thaçi and Dacic to decide about the Valley (4)
• KFOR says Jovic’s kidnapping is speculation (4)
• Parallel structures to be disbanded (5)
• Gërxhaliu supports talks with Serbia (6)
• Financial bids for PTK on 3 December (7)
• Miodrag Pavic, judge who received bribe, suspended (8)
• Firefighters continue strike (9)

Kosova Sot

Front page
• Pristina municipality ‘legalises’ corruption with construction permit
• 2,400 francs bribe, judge arrested
• Serbia refuses to remove parallel structures
• Editorial: Fast facts

Other headlines
• Towards normalizing (2)
• Criticism about the north, war damages, visas (2)
• Vetëvendosje: Thaçi like Vllasi (3)
• Denmark supports processes in Kosovo (4)
• Serb platform to remove obstacles for UN membership (4)
• Solution for the north in political negotiations (4)
• Kosovo complains of CEFTA breaches (6)

Epoka e Re

Front page
• Hyseni: Reciprocity recognition will happen
• Only with dialogue
• Rexhepi: IBM in six crossing points

Other headlines
• Thaçi and Dacic decide if it is going to be talked about the Valley (2)
• Serbia allows Kosovo in the UN (2)
• Franca greets continuation of meetings Thaçi - Dacic (2)
• Vetëvendosje writes a letter to Hoxhaj: You are attempting to silence our stances (3)
• Halbauer: Dialogue a good possibility for solution of problems (5)
• Motorway would enforce Kosovo (6)
• Health worker announce protests (6)
• Kusari-Lila: CEFTA is not respected from all member countries (8)


Front page
• Opposition divided
• Don’t interfere

Other headlines
• Jahjaga: Result of the normalization of dialogue (2)
• Thaçi and Dacic decide if it is going to be talked about the Valley (2)
• France supports dialogue (4)
• No impositions (5)
• Promises for recognitions (6)
• Halbauer supports dialogue (6)
• Repatriated false Kosovars (9)
• CEFTA not respected from all member states (10)

Bota Sot

Front page
• Konjufca accuses LDK and AAK that they are joining to the convoy of Prime Minister
• Thaçi and Dacic decide for Presheva Valley
• Serbs – Provocateurs even when they mark religious holidays
• CEFTA is not respecting from all member states

Other headlines
• Denmark support dialogue (3)
• With this KSF that we have, KSF cannot be part of NATO (4)
• Hungary committed in support of Kosovo (6)
• Mustafa – Halbauer: Dialogue in the benefit of solving problems (7)
• Security of citizens in the north obligation of state institutions (8)
• Hoti: Draft budget for the year 2013 in damage of citizens and businesses (9)
• Union of PTK: Privatization of PDK in damage of Kosovo (9)
• Economic Chamber of Kosovo supports the talks, requests more to be concentrated in economic issues (11)

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